We know that things break.  Rest assured, you can keep managing your business while we fix the problem with your telco.

Our team will manage the issue from start to finish so that you and your employees can continue with your day to day business.

Account Management Australia is reaching out to new heights creating the difference on how franchisees are serviced in critical times. We are making the correct decisions based on putting your franchise best interest FIRST.

Our serviceability includes:

  • Deploying new and preconfigured modems if fault found is with the current modem
  • Deploying technicians to replace faulty modems and reconfiguring them with usernames and passwords.
  • Deploying active 4G sim cards within 48 hours to the end user at no extra cost. This will ensure continuous trade and connectivity of their POS, printers and other equipment requiring internet access.
  • Deploying emergency mobile phones in the event that phone lines are down.
  • Some costs to these services may be charged however AMA will acquire a full refund against such charges if fault found is with the Telco Provider.

Depending on your Franchise, we can allocate an After Hours service as well.

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