By having Account Management Australia as a crucial partner to your business, your business will no longer bear the brunt of inundated connectivity downtime.

There is nothing worse than your business being told by an ISP advising that a technician is booked but fails to arrive, or that the line or internet fault is being escalated through to multiple channels within internal ISP departments that you are never able to deal with direct. How about we also include when ISP techs go out to sites and sometimes they state no fault found when in fact the fault has always been there and leaves you to have to reschedule another tech appointment. No more will your business have to suffer downtime whilst you wait for these faults to be fixed.  Our solution will be to deploy a working solution within the aim of 24 hours so that your trade is not impacted. We will then focus all of our strengths to fix the primary problem with the respective ISP.

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